Small earthquake, no-one killed

Hello, this is a little bio of me, Bryan Betts. Hmm, where to start? Well, I was named after my grandmother. Then, some years after that but still many years ago, I became an engineer, with a couple of degrees from Warwick University in things like electronic engineering, but I managed to escape. After a decade or three working as a technology & business journalist, first on staff and then freelance, I have now moved over to work and write for industry analyst firm Freeform Dynamics. Great fun!

Back in the time before we had both a dog and two young children, my hobby was Dark Age/Early Mediæval re-enactments - Vikings vs Saxons, Saxons vs Normans, that type of thing - with The Vikings, formerly the NFPS. I co-founded The Temesvikings which is the local group within The Vikings that covers the London area, Temes being an old spelling of Thames.

In this context and others, I've appeared in TV programmes (documentaries, fiction and straight interviews) for BBC1, BBC2, Channel4, Bravo, Discovery Channel and UKTV Food, on BBC World Service radio, and for the Big Toe Radio Show on BBC7.

I am also the beer blogger BeerViking.

If you want to chat, I can be found on CiX, the Compulink Information eXchange, which is an online/offline conferencing system, or on Twitter as @bryan_gb or @Beer_Viking, depending on the topic du jour.

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8580 9725 (with voice-mail), or you can if you prefer.

Motto: Hey, anything for a weird life...